Coral Adoption + Simponi New Album (CROWDFUNDING)

Tuesday, September 3, 2013

We are Simponi (Music Syndicate of Earth Dwellers), an indie band from Indonesia: runner up International Anti-Corruption Music Completion (Belgium/Brazil, 2012), hold Indonesian record on musical discussion tour on global warming (2011) & participant of Asia Pacific Environmental Youth Forum (South Korea, 2011 & 2012). Since 2010, Simponi held musical discussion tour* (presentation on various issues, live music performance, and interactive discussion) at 182 schools/universities/Islamic boarding schools/orphanage (total: 21.288 students as participants) on the theme of environment/global warning, anti-corruption, anti-violence against women, and child song campaign.

Now, @simponii is producing a new album (second album) with crowdfunding: “Coral Adoption”, in collaboration with Yayasan Terumbu Karang Indonesia (TERANGI / The Indonesian Coral Reef Foundation).

TERANGI was founded in September 1999. It is a non-profit organization who support conservation and sustainable coral resource management . One of the program is coral adoption in Belitung Island, Thousands Island Jakarta and Gili Meno-Lombok. TERANGI activities involved students, government and private sectors to preserve corals (around 10.000 corals fragments has been adopted).

What is coral adoption? How is the current condition of Indonesian Coral? 

Coral adoption is coral planting activities who invite people to be adopter of future plant with certain amount of donation. It has objective to call everyone to be concern on the existence of corals as it is the backbone of ocean ecosystem. 

70% of Indonesian corals which is 18 % of world corals are damaged. It is a home for 2500 fish species, 590 coral species, 2500 mollusk species, and 1500 crustacean species. The corral damage has negative impact on food chain in the ocean, in the lives of thousands Indonesian fishermen families, Indonesian and people all over the world who consume sea food as nutrition resource. 

What is "Coral Adoption + Simponi New Album"?

You could be concern and save Indonesian coral and be apart in social campaign with an indie band named Simponi, only with 200.000 Rupiah (13.3 EUR / 17.5 USD).

With Rp. 200 thousands you can be coral adopter in Belitung Island/Pramuka Island (Thousand Island, Jakarta)/Gili Meno (Lombok) and automatically donate to Simponi’s new album production with 12 songs, that will be release on December 2013 or January 2014.

These are what you will get in participating in coral adoption "Coral Adoption + Simponi New Album":

1. Picture of coral with your name tag in the bottom of the sea on October 31st, 2013 and every month after that to see it grows to your email/facebook/twtter.
2. Your name written in the CD of Simponi’s new album
3. For participant outside Indonesia, delivery cost addition will be needed if you like to have the CD. 


1. Transfer Rp. 200.000 (13.3 EUR / 17.5 USD) to Bank Mandiri account number 129.000.55755.80 Muhammad Berkah Gamulya (SWIFT Code: BMRIIDJA) 

2. Email to : Name on coral & CD / Planting location / Amount of money / Transferred on behalf / Transfer date (dd/mm/yy) / twitter or facebook account

The choice of planting location: Belitung Island, Pramuka Island (Thousand island Jakarta), Gili Meno-Lombok

It is better to email us directly after transfer process so that we can verify as soon as possible. You could also scan transferring prove to our email.

We also open our cooperation to organization or private sectors who want to be a part of our project in putting their logo’s with certain amount of donation. Please email us for further information.

OK, brothers & sisters, we are very happy to have you as a part of us. Thank you for your attention. (Simponi in Rolling Stone Indonesia magazine ---> )

Until we win,

Simponi (Music Syndicate of Earth Dwellers)
phone: +6281287338314 | email: | twitter: @simponii | facebook: SIMPONI
blog: | download lagu:
youtube channel: simponiID

The Indonesia Coral Reef Foundation (TERANGI)
Kompleks ligamas indah blok e2 no 11-Pancoran, Jakarta Selatan
telp : 021-7994912 | email: | twitter: @terangi_ |


*Song titles in the new album @simponii “Jejak Langkah Kita" / "Our Footsteps":
1. Galaxea Astreata (global warming )
2. Ekologi Apologi (global warming )
3. perEMPUan (stop violence against women )
4. Sister In Danger (Unplugged version, stop violence against women )
5. Empat Janji (Indonesia, anti-corruption)
6. Kisah Cicak Buaya Belum Selesai (anti-corruption)
7. Fajar Munir Senja Kamisan (a memorial song for Munir, human right activist, was poisoned with arsenic on a flight from Jakarta to Amsterdam on September 7, 2004. It was written in his childhood home in Batu, Malang, East Java)
8. Berebut Surga (pluralism and tolerance)
9. Transaksi (dirty politics/ election)
10. Nelayan (fisherman)
11. Bilang Saja (love song)
12. Fantasi Kita (Love song)

* @simponii Activities :
1. Rock N’ Green Tour – MURI Indonesian Record (Tour of musical discussion & composting simulation in 82 school/universities for 82 days non-stop, 2010-2011)
2. Asia Pacific Environmental Youth Forum, South Korea (August 2011)
3. Hijaukustik with HiLo Nutrifood (Tour of musical discussion & compost making presentation, May-December 2011)
4. Anti-Corruption Roadshow with ICW (Indonesian Corruption Watch) & KPK (Indonesian Corruption Eradication Commission) (September-October 2011)
5. Tour of 7 cities in Java “Berani Jujur, Hebat!” / ‘Dare to be honest, Great’ with ICW, KPK, TII (December 2011)
6. Dream of Green Jakarta Tour with JAMIN (March-April 2011)
7. Song for children campaign with Mizan Production (April-May 2012)
8. Asia Pacific Environmental Youth Forum, South Korea (August 2012)
9. Runner up International Anti-Corruption Music Competition (Belgium, September 2012)
10.Concert in World Anti-Corruption Conférence in Brasilia, Brazil (November 2012)
11. Roadshow “Berani Jujur, Hebat!” with KPK (December 2012)
12. Roadshow 4 cities in Java “Youth Proactive” with TII (December 2012)
13. Sister In Danger Tour in 12 cities in Java with National Commission of Women Rights (stop sexual violence against women) (April-May 2013)
14. Rock N’ Green Sumatera Tour 2013 in 6 cities with Mongabay Indonesia (September-October 2013)
15. Plan: Sister In Danger Tour – Sumatra with National Commission of Women Rights (November 2013)


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